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Well this last month has been the busiest time for the ii band "Hot Ice" they have been playing non stop shows in ibiza, and have captured the heart of the white island . An amazing show at the ATZARO resort left the audience astonished as they played an almost five hour set, with out breaks, while still maintaining the tight groves through out the show.
They are set this week to continue on Thursday and Friday in ATZARO.

Last week saw the return of Pol to T.W.H studios, to complete his debut album which is now almost ready for mixing, Pol also joined the action playing a terrace show with the "just Two" band down at the Santa Eulalia marina in the GUARANA club, now back in Amsterdam Pol awaits his release soon

Jessikas video is ready for the public viewing, a lot of buzz is around for this colorful video hitting your screens soon...

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